Monday, October 20, 2008

Cheering Up and SNOW????

So many days since my last post... so much to write about! I am cheering up a bit after being so down when Joe had to return to Australia. He departed on Saturday and my parents drove in on Sunday. That helped!

They actually came because our local doc, in the process of doing Danny's sports physical for school basketball, told us that she felt that Daniel had a "heart issue"/ "abnormal heart" . Just a few days before Joe was scheduled to depart, he was at the Dr's office for a routine physical and BAM... our lives were turned upside down... I am happy to report that we are right side up again as the pediatric cardiologist said Daniel is one of the healthiest little guys he has seen in his office. Just so healthy that his heart rate and blood pressure are way looowwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Those two factors combined with the fact that most family practitioners can not read a child's EKG caused us to have a really bad week waiting for our appointment this past week with the specialist. As Joe could not stay, my parents drove in for support. We received great news about Daniel (basically confirming what we thought in the first place) on Thursday morning... so things have been uphill since then!

The girl's and I and my mother headed to Disney on Ice on Saturday morning. What a great show! My mom and I loved it. Abby tolerated it and Lilli could not understand why Cinderella did not show up for the fun... seriously... she asked me about 3 dozen times when Cinderella was going to skate on the ice. After the 2 hour show full of special effects, lights, and music, Abby proclaimed her favorite part was the Zamboni (cleaning the ice during intermission) . Lilli's favorite part was the popcorn... I am so glad she enjoyed it as it was $10 for a small bag of popcorn!!! YIKES!!! Wonder what Walt would think about that?

While we were freezing a row back from center stage at the Ice Show, Joey, Holly, and Daniel were at basketball tryouts with my dad. It was great to have an extra chauffeur for the week... but alas, they will drive off to Louisiana at 7 am in the morning. Back to being a single mom for just a bit (Joe returns for the holidays on the 23rd of December).

We have decorated for Halloween and Fall and we are so enjoying our southern version of "snow" ~ Cotton! We are literally knee deep in the cotton harvest right now... and I live about a mile and a half from a gin (Daniel and I both thought they were makin' liquor when we first moved in... but now we know the truth... thank you Mr. Eli Whitney!!!). With the trucks running up and down the streets, it is amazing how beautiful and white everything is! Little white puff balls fly off the back of the flat beds and litter the sides of the road. It looks like the end of winter when there are still patches of snow here and there. Really cool... and we need to enjoy it as I don't think we will be getting too much of the real thing!

It has turned rather chilly (chilly being in the high 50s for me) the last few mornings... which can only mean one thing... CHRISTMAS! I simply can not wait until December!!!

Enjoy the pics... they were taken with Holly's camera as I am still reading and learning about my new camera! Daniel can't wait to get his hands on my new camera also....

PS... the "littles" agree 100% on one thing in particular these days... their choice of mesmerizing televised entertainment...

None other than Ni Hoa Kai Lan! They both love this show... and interact with the television! But my question... where are all the toys to go with the show? Has anyone seen a Kai Lan toy yet? I have not seen any yet and I am sure our "Santa Letters" will consist of a request or two for a few Kai Lan toys!


Amy said...

I'm glad everything is on the upswing with your family!

I didn't even think about the Ni Hoa Kai Lan. That is one show that I would WANT to buy toys from!

Have a good week!
Amy in Arizona

33458 said...

I have not yet seen any accessories to accompany the show...perhaps a few letters encouraging production are in order?

Anne Little said...

Hi Rebel!

I just read your blog and got all "caught up" on your life! We've been crazy busy here. So glad things are going well for you guys. AND, your house! HOLY COW!!! It's GORGEOUS!!! My 16 year old asked me if I was "coveting" your new house. I had to admit my sin! :) Keep on blogging! It was so much fun to read!