Friday, October 24, 2008

Good Day...Well, Most Of It!

Holly made the high school tennis team... she is so excited! I asked her if she would "letter"... she looked at me like I was from another planet! Am I out of it... do kids not "letter" in sports anymore??? Anyway... guess I will be watching tennis matches along with basketball games this year... cool! She had 6 years of lessons in Jakarta with a great pro from the Philippines... guess she will put them to the test this year!

Abby told me I was better than Santa Claus today... I take that as a HUGE compliment!

Strange factoid... completely brought on because I saw the picture below when I searched for tennis clip art... can you imagine playing on THIS tennis court? It is part of a hotel in UAE... my friend was posted at the US Embassy with her husband and she told me that for a tour of the hotel... NOT to stay the night... JUST a tour was $400US dollars... YIKES!

Why did I say "well, most of it" in the title of this post... because I am sick... and it is 50degrees and raining outside! I have a horrid cold... and I just don't see how single parents do this! No matter what... a single parent has to get up and get going.... no rest for the weary! I SALUTE every single parent out there! You guys are strong and brave and deserve tons of respect! I am learning quickly what I have taken for granted for way too long... Joe is an awesome dad and a great partner! I must tell him that every day! 9 months more ... 9 months more.... 9 months more.... The only thing fun about being apart... is being able to write love letters! Forget email... it is for utilitarian purposes only! Love letters on beautiful stationary (on my part... Joe's come on a post it, on computer paper... hehehe) ... I am enjoying sending and receiving those! TMI???? sorry!


Lisa said...

I hope you get to feeling well soon. And I think you guys are too sweet sending love letters to each other. Get well....

TinaO said...

Hey Rebel! I've really enjoyed catching up on your blog lately! So glad things are settling in-but I have to say your post at Joe's leaving made me teary.

Kai and Shen would have so much fun with your girls. I never know what outfit they are going to come up with and there are never enough tp rolls and empty boxes at our house for 2 boys! :)