Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick~or~Treating for a Flu Shot...

Sometimes I forget that the smallest Judge has only been in an English speaking world for less than a year. 99.9% of the time... she understands everything. Tonight... she got a little mixed up! My fault... you see I explained the concept of Trick~or~Treat to her this afternoon and shortly after told her and Abby that we were going in the morning for our Flu Shots...
Fast forward a day and we are talking to my mom on the phone... Lilli, in a loud joyful voice, told her nanny that she was going "Trick~or~Treating for a Flu Shot tonight"! YIKES!!! Poor Baby! I explained that the treat would be much better than a flu shot... Reece's Peanut Butter Cups and M&Ms and Nerds and Laffy Taffy! YUMMY!
They were dressed and ready very early... and they were not too happy about the "waiting" until dusk part of Halloween. They set on our steps until they could not stand it any more... off they went!
The girls had fun... escorted by Holly and Joey around our neighborhood block. Abby opted to come home early to help me give out candy. When Lilli and Holly returned, they took over the "giving" with Abby! I got to go inside the warm house and enjoy a cup of coffee!
Enjoy the pictures!


ellie said...

your candy looks yummy (and oh-so-American!)

The girls costumes are adorable! Abby is really a cute Knight -LOL! Lilli looks even more stunning than ever! Are you using the new camera? your photos are beautiful!
Happy Halloween!

Amy said...

Great pictures of VERY cute girls!! Looks like they had a blast!!