Monday, October 20, 2008

Proud as a Peacock

Moving is no fun for adults. Even more so for teenagers who have no choice in the matter!

I was fortunate in many ways to have grown up in the same house, going to the same school, with the same friends from kindergarten until I left for University. My children have many wonderful opportunities... longevity in a single location not being one of those. That being said, Joe and I have always been blessed with the most easy going children that transition eagerly and seamlessly from place to place. We know it is not easy... but we don't know this because the kids are complaining... because they NEVER do! They just jump into their new surroundings and surprise us once again with their ability to "bloom where they are planted"!
I have to say that I am once again a very proud peacock as they all received pretty darn near perfect report cards this term! All 3 have put in a tremendous amount of effort into their school work and it has paid off! GREAT JOB JOEY, HOLLY, and DANIEL! Dad and I are so very proud of you guys!

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DawnS said...

Rebel I just caught up with your blog! I can't find your email address right now but are you near Birmingham? If you are we would love to meet up with you!

Mama to Rylee (another CHI girl!)