Saturday, October 4, 2008

This and That

My stomach is starting to churn as the 10th of October is quickly approaching. The 10th is the day that Joe will head to the airport and fly away. We won't see him again until Christmas.
Until then, we are savoring every moment with him... around his "busy-ness" as he is trying to accomplish so many things around the house in such a short amount of time.

The girls have decided that he is the "pick" for school bus driver - to and from school each day. I think he is much more entertaining than I. Yesterday morning, when they had 5 minutes left, they had their back packs on, but insisted that Joe finish 3 books before they hopped in the car. He obliged... I do so love listening to him read "Green Eggs and Ham" with all the gusto he could muster.

As for me, I am starting to make our home more "Judge". I am now knee deep in wallpaper books. I have to change - repeat HAVE - to change the paper in the powder room, Holly's bathroom, and in the master bath. Joe and I want to totally redo the master bath next year, but for now, covering up the (excuse my vivid description) baby poop yellow/brown walls with some pretty wallpaper will go a long way in making it more palatable for the next year.
This Christmas inspired wall paper must go. Seriously, it is pretty; however, it makes me sing Jingle Bells every time I go in the room!
I don't think the color comes across as bad in photos... but trust me it is not that pretty in person!
These are the colors I am going with... pretty brown European style garden scene for the powder room and a denim blue with brown, beige, and gold accents for the master bath. It should blend nicely with the master bedroom decor. Now to decide... should I give it a go and hang it myself ... or call a professional???

Joey's desk is now in stock at the furniture store. We will pick it up today and I am so glad that Joe is here for the "some assembly required" part. Joey is pretty excited that his room is almost perfect. He keeps telling me that an XBOX 360 will be the "icing on the cake"... POOR CHILD... he is still forced to play his original XBOX from 7 years ago... can I get a collective "AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHH".... so sad! Maybe Santa will consider upgrading the electronic section of his bedroom... if he is good!
He is pretty thrilled that within the week, he will be playing basketball in the driveway again! The cement has been poured and is on day 3 of curing. The basketball goal itself will go up on Tuesday morning. I think everyone in our house is excited about this!
This one only works for a few members of our household:

The cement has been poured for the base... whose names are those etched in the concrete???

This is the basketball goal now....

... and this is what it will look like on Tuesday afternoon... we hope!!! Cool thing is... it has a spot light so the kids can play at night too! Great as we are getting closer and closer to those short winter days!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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ellie said...

I'm sad for you that you must say goodbye to Joe - it looks like the kids are enjoying every minute with him :)

Wallpaper . . . If it is only for a year (I'd paint but hey . . . ) you could do it yourself - if you need it to last for longer definitely get a professional. I've done it several times and it is quite tricky to get it perfect. LOVE the paper you've chosen - you have such great taste!