Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Any More Tomatoes Coming?"

What a surprise!  I had no idea that our new hometown was subject to tornado warnings... and tornadoes.  I have never lived anywhere that had warning sirens.  WE DO... and they have blasted a lot lately.  The weather has been going between cold front and warm front and that is the perfect mix for twisters.  

I have gone over the drill with the kids.  We all get our helmets on and go to the large interior storage room under the stairs.  I think my fear and stress have been noted by the littles (the bigs know how crazy and overly emotional I am already).  Add that to the fact that we have been in the closet and in the neighbors storm shelter more than a few times in the last week and this is what you get....

Lilli was getting ready for bed and it was raining a bit.  She climbed in the covers and gave me a huge hug and kiss.  She peaked out the window and with a very concerned tone and equally serious look on her face and asked, "Are there any more TOMATOES coming?"  

I had to think about that one for a second... but then the light went on and I understood her concern.  I assured her that there were no more TORNADOES headed our way and she could sleep tight!  
You say tomatoes, I say tornadoes.... 

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DawnS said...

That is so cute! I also can't believe the number of "Tomatoes" we have around here. Sounds like you do not have a basement either -I really regret that now. We spend a lot of time in our closet too!