Saturday, April 25, 2009

Simply Refreshing

While I was running errands yesterday afternoon, Holly treated the girls to a few hours of fun in the backyard.  She hooked up the "sprinkler" and let them enjoy the warm weather and the water.

  She also took a heap of pics.  Holly is on the yearbook staff at her high school and has really gotten into photography.  She has a very artsy way of looking at things.  Her photos for the yearbook have won her quite a bit of acclaim among her peers.  

I told Holly she needs to teach me to "not be scared" of my new Camera.  Her reply, "Read the book Mom.  When you get something new, the first thing you should do is read the instructions". OK OK - she is sooooooooo right... but I am waiting for the time when you can just "bluetooth" the directions to your brain!  : ) Much easier!  ... but I would still have to ask one of my teenagers to help me turn on the bluetooth!  : )  

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GGAdventures said...

These photos are fantastic! She did a great job! Of course, she had two adorable subjects.