Thursday, April 23, 2009

First "Summer-ee" Day of 2009

This was the first day this year that the temp called for breaking out the summer clothes.  A friend of mine does this cute entry on her blog each week where she lets her girls dress themselves and takes pictures.  I followed in her footsteps today.  Lilli has been foaming at the mouth every time she looks at her summer dresses - today she picked her favorite and a cute pair of leggings and her pink crocs.  Abby retreated to Daniel's closet after slipping on her elastic waist gap jean capris and plain white tee.  She emerged with an ever so slightly too large baseball jersey.  Her black stretchy boots were her footwear of choice - especially since her daddy took her Australian Work Boots back to Canberra in order to hunt down  a bigger size for next year that are exactly the same.  : )

The girls busted out the back door around 9am and have pretty much remained outside with Jordan all day long.  They will sleep sooooooooooooo good tonight!  YEAH for summer-ee days!  

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