Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting Over Jet Lag on the Driving Range

Abby was up at 6:03 this morning - and at that very moment started asking Joe - I mean BEGGING Joe- to take her and Lilli to the driving range. By 9:30 - our 2 very PERSISTENT littles had worn him down. With a little teamwork, they loaded their clubs into the back of Joey's Element, had me move the carseats to the Element... and then off they went.

I am at home to receive Joe's suitcase, as it was lost in Denver. It made it to the south this morning and should be delivered in the next hour. Then I will get dressed and meet Joe and the littles for a nice lunch. At that point I am sure it will nap time for 3 of my family members!

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Amy in Arizona said...

Leave it to kids to MAKE you get over jet lag! How fun though! Hope they had a great time and you recovered your suitcase!!