Monday, April 13, 2009

I Think I am Done With PCs

One Word... Conflicker!  

I hope Microsoft finds these (*^*&($)  and locks them up for EVER!  

Saturday morning, I woke up and went directly for my laptop (as I do each and every morning) so that I could read my daily "Good Morning" email from Joe.  PROBLEM... as soon as I double clicked on Internet explorer, my computer went nuts... blinking and flashing and doing ALL KIND of weird stuff.  I knew what it was instantly.  I shut it off and went for Daniel's laptop.  Nothing will stand in the way of my getting my daily fix of morning email from Joe... PROBLEM... the second I double clicked the Internet explorer button on Daniel's laptop (only a few months old), the SAME exact NONSENSE started.  It ended with a pop up prompting me to buy antivirus software from a company that I have never heard of.  I shut the computer down asap and unplugged my modem.  

Immediately after Abby's T-Ball game, I raced to the local computer whiz.  He confirmed that I indeed was the proud owner of not 1 but 2 Dell Laptops infected with the CONFLICKER virus.  

I will find out tomorrow if they were able to be "cleaned".  I was feeling pretty guilty until I saw that the University of Utah had nearly one thousand computers infected... and they have a team of IT Brains on their campus.  I have myself (I am really good at Internet shopping, updating this blog on occasion, and running my photo software) and 5 kids... not the perfect IT team... but in the end, the bad guys beat us all!

I have decided that I am done with the whole virus thing... and all other problems that come with PCs. Holly's first computer was a Purple G3 Apple.   The first laptop that I bought myself was an Apple.  I passed it down to Holly and she has recently upgraded to a new Apple MAC Book.  NEVER have any of these given us a seconds worth of trouble... so I have gone  completely RED... as in Apple red.  : )  
This is my first post on my new IMAC.  I am in serious LIKE!  


ellie said...

WOW that is a big screen! Mine is 20 inches and it is wonderful. I do really love the graphics on my MAC - I hope you enjoy your new IMac!

Kimberlie said...

I want an Apple iBook so badly. I am sick of PCs too. Down with Microsoft! Paul, my husband and computer geek, uses Linux on his computer and that's how he deals with the virus thing - he doesn't get them.

I switched my browser to Google Chrome and that has kept me virus free for the past few months. Yeah!