Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm Going to the AIRPORT Today!!!

YEAH! Joe is flying in for a week to enjoy a tball game and a tennis match and a little "home" cooking! We also have a court date to legally change Abby's name - No "automatic" name change as with adoptions from China... so we have to go through the family court system. This is the never ending adoption story; however, there is light - big and bright - at the end of the tunnel!

Speaking of Abby, she received the "game ball" after her tball game yesterday afternoon. Why? Well, let me just say that for a very little girl, she packs a mighty powerful swing! She had the most amazing hit! I just love that sound when the bat hits the ball just perfectly.... Sweet!

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DawnS said...

Yay! Enjoy week with your hubby!