Friday, September 28, 2007

39 Down...

It is now midnight in Canberra, and the 29th of September, so I can officially say that our dossier has been in the hands of the CCAA for 39 days. We are 39 days into the wait of ___ days! I leave that blank because there is such a "huge array of average wait times"... so we really never know what to expect! I do hope and pray that all will continue on course and we will travel on or shortly after Christmas!

I wish I was on vacation in Louisiana with my family as the time passes so fast when I am there... Lilli would be in my arms and with her family in no time flat! As the saying goes, "Time Waits for No Man"... it is difficult to wait... but soon enough the long wait will just be a memory!

Keep us all in your thoughts and prayers... especially Lilli as she is about to experience a huge transition in her life!

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