Wednesday, September 5, 2007

You can take the girl out of the jeans, but you can't take the jeans out of the girl....

... for those of you who know our Abby ~ you know that she wears jeans ~ "I want to be like you Mommy Rebel and you like jeans so I like jeans" she tells me when I ask her (I have even been know to attempt a little bribery with a chocolate frog) to wear a dress or skirt! But... today was a bit different (insert drum roll...)... Joe brought home a package that I received in the mail. It contained two dresses from a wonderful little store in the States ~ Jolly Rompers. The dresses were for Abby and Lilli ~ for pictures . How I ever dreamed of getting Abby into her dress ~ I don't know ~ but it was too pretty so I bought it anyway and decided to deal with that issue in China! :)

When I opened the package and pulled out the two beautiful dresses, Abby asked if they were for Lilli. I told her that the pink one was for Lilli and the one with flowers was for her... for pictures in China. She said "Oh ~ they are pretty" and when I asked if she wanted to try hers on.... she said "Sure"!!!


The only demand (on her part) was that she was able to keep her pajama bottoms on.... this was a demand that I was willing to meet! I hurried ~ not wanting to give her a chance to change her mind! I did not even bother doing all the buttons... just the top one and the big bow for fun! She looked beautiful!!! She was checking out her blue jeans from the corner of her eye so I scooped her up really fast to show Joe and take some pictures...

You can see from the pictures what I mean about not being able to take the jeans out of the girl... she went down the slide... stood on her head... jumped on the couch... But I was happy... she was doing it all in a dress!!!!

She kept it on for about 20 minutes... ate her chocolate frog , brushed her teeth, and went to bed! Oops... I wasn't supposed to tell you that I bribed her with a chocolate frog... but it worked!!!!

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