Friday, September 7, 2007

To Infinity and Beyond! We have a favorite new character!

We have moved on from Diego who recently replaced Handy Manny who had taken the top spot from the one that had it the longest... Bob the Builder. We have moved on to none other than Buzz Lightyear! You would think I was talking about my son in this post, but alas, I am talking once again about Abby. All dolled up in her pink sweater with a candy striped pink jacket and beautiful pastel bow in her hair, we departed for the mall this evening. I had to pick up some photos for an album that I am making for Lilli. While in Target, Abby spotted the Buzz Lightyear travel case... sitting right next to the Dora, Tinker Bell, and Barbie ones I might add. Abby paid no mind to the lovely pastel colors or sweet smiling faces on the "girl cases"... she only had eyes for Buzz and all the beautiful blues and greens of the case he highlighted! Thank goodness it had just been marked down to a very reasonable $31 Australian Dollars (around $25 US)... because I had a choice... leave with a screaming child that does not understand why we have to pay for anything (she actually asked me why we pay for things in the car on the way home) or happily oblige her, knowing that the case will be put to good use in a few months when we travel to China. I opted for the second choice... to save my sanity and that of all the other Friday Late Night Shoppers! When we arrived home, what a surprise ~ included on the inside of the suitcase was a backpack, wallet, passport cover, and an eye cover .... Abby says that is for the trip to China when everyone is being noisy on the plane.... Guess she doesn't want to see them being noisy???? I will have to explain that later!

We are also checking with Daddy everyday when he arrives home from work, regarding the mail as the nice people from are mailing us a Buzz action figure!!! Wonder if he will fit in the new play stroller and doll bed?????

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