Saturday, September 1, 2007

And the big winners of the night were.....

The Judge family.... or in particular, Joe Judge!
Joe and I were invited months ago to attend another infamous Aussie Trivia Night in support of a friend's son's school. We are certainly glad that Jill called yesterday morning to remind us... as we had no clue the important day had finally arrived! We rushed around getting all the kids where they needed or wanted to be... and Holly was able to find the perfect present for Joe (This is Father's Day Weekend Down Under) from all the kids! Then we rolled into the venue with about 4 minutes to spare... hungry as can be because neither Joe or I had eaten since about 10am ~ no time for a break when you are the Taxi Drivers' for the Judge kids!
Anyway, what fun we had! Amazingly, even though we came in next to last as a trivia team, Joe and I departed for home a little after midnight with the feeling that we were the big winners of the night! Not only had we enjoyed a great night with some great people (Thanks again for the invite Mark and Jill) we had WON some great prizes!

I would not be putting myself on the line to say that Joe was probably the only pilot at the party, so it should not have been a surprise that after about 100 paper airplanes were launched, Joe brought home the prize for the BEST!!! The award for this skill was a $100 voucher at a local restaurant. Next was the traditional Aussie game of "Heads or Tails". There were 150 people in the room and they have to select heads or tales before the MC flips a coin... If your hands or on your head and the coin comes up heads, you continue... if the flip was tails... YOU ARE OUT! Joe started Heads for the first toss, and then switched to tails and after 6 more Tails, he was handed another dinner voucher for $90... The "gift giver" did make a comment about his winning the two best gifts right in a row... :)

There was also a sheet of riddles such as "1001 AN" and "18 H on a GC" ~ there were 24 of these, and thanks to Holly and her MYSPACE page, I knew most of them and my team mates were able to get the others quickly and we won a huge basket of chocolate for that... sure was fun dividing that up!

Last but not least, we are Daniel's hero because we made a bid at the silent auction ~ for a Aussie Footie that was signed by all the players! With a bid of $40 Aussie ($34US) we walked away with the Panther ball and it now has a very important spot in Daniel's room! "YOU GUYS ROCK ", he told us when we got home and gave him the ball!

Our soon to be 12 year old thinks we rock??? YES! We were the big winners of the night!

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