Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kindred Spirit

Oh the joy of finding a new friend... a true kindred spirit!!!

Life overseas is not always easy... life on the road to adoption is not always easy... having a friend to share the journey makes it so much better... and I am so blessed to have found such a person!

I have only "met" my new friend once... (but we meet everyday via aol!!!) we are both Americans living in Australia... we just live hours apart! We are both waiting for our daughters in China... such a hard wait! We were both flight attendants years ago(so funny) .... We are both just a little on the crazy side (good crazy that is)... We both have little ones that are biological and adopted... we both travel the world, following our husbands and their careers... we both get sad... we both get elated... we find something new that we have in common each time we chat....

... and the best thing is we both have a friend to share the journey with... a friend that truly understands! How priceless is a kindred spirit... I am at a loss for words! Thanks so much for you friendship E.W. !!!

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Ellie said...


Thanks :) I'm so glad to be sharing this incredible journey to our sweet little girls with you - a kindred spirit :) can't wait to see Lilli's party pictures!