Thursday, September 27, 2007

My New Bloggin' Machine...

I have been so sick... I am so sick... half of the Judge family is so sick. What could cheer us up under these circumstances... our new computer... my new "Bloggin' Machine"!
Almost 2 months ago, I ordered a Dell computer ~ the new Inspirion. As it is the most popular computer on earth at the moment (what genius thought of the color choices....), I had to wait nearly 2 months for the computer to ship. Then... add an extra week, as the Embassy only delivers registered mail once a week.
We will probably have to "disinfect" the new computer, as we all could not keep our hands off of it... but WOW! What a beautiful little machine it is! I was joking with the kids that I could use it as a throw pillow if it stopped working properly and no one would be the wiser because it is so "beautiful".
Now to read the directions and figure out how powerful it is! That will have to wait until I feel better and can sit up longer than 10 minutes at a time! So exciting!!!

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