Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fun at the Nursery!

The girls and I went to the local nursery today for a little fun. Nursery??? Well, it is not your average nursery... the owners have it all figured out!!! They have the plants and pots and dirt etc etc... but they also have a great cafe' with an extensive kids menu, a cozy outdoor eating area with tables and chairs and a playground, and a lovely gift shop with a nice play area to occupy the kids while mom drops a few extra dollars on cute stuff that she does not need!
Even better... the girls and I so enjoyed my "new" "used" wheels! After nearly a year of begging permission to sell my huge ~ hard to drive~ stick shift to the left Mitsubishi Pajero (Montero in the US) the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs finally gave in! This is the first time that I really understand what it is like to not have "freedom". We were not allowed to sell that car until given permission... I can tell you that I do not like not having basic freedoms to do as I choose when I choose. But that said... we were given permission to sell last Monday... and on Friday, I left the massive SUV sitting at the dealership as I drove away in a nice 2004 "People Mover". I just learned that they don't say MiniVan in Australia... I know I will only enjoy the car for a year ~ but man oh man... being able to drive with a Starbucks in my hand (NO SHIFTING!!!!) ... what a delight! No more begging to use Joe's car!!!
The girls had a good afternoon ... and a good nap in the car on the way home! I just turned the CD player on with my favorite Kenny G CD ~ In the Mood for Love ~ should be called In the Mood for Sleep! The girls can never last past the second song!!!
PS ~ Thanks for meeting us Sandra! It was great to catch up!!!


Ellie said...

Love your new ride! especially since you can drive and drink :)

We have those nurseries here in Sydney too! They are the best!

GGAdventures said...

Hey, lovin' your "makeover". I got one too this weekend!
Looks like the girls are having so much fun togther.