Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I See You Watching Me Watching You

The girls always have an audience while they play in the backyard. Our fine feathered friends always fly in, pick a perch, and keep a watchful eye on the girls. I wonder if they are making sure the girls stay far away from the bird feeder full of seed... or if they just enjoy watching a pair of joyfully screaming little people?

The black bird sitting on the girl's swing set ~ in the top picture ~ is a Magpie... think Heckle and Jeckle. He and his entire clan are amazingly smart! He (as with a few others) will peck on our kitchen door to get our attention. What is he trying to tell us with this un-birdlike behavior... simply that he would like a cookie or a cracker. He then proceeds to eat it out of my hand. Lilli has tried to feed him, but he won't get too close to her... so she tosses the food and he prances on it. She gets so excited!!! Very SMART bird!!!!

The last bird that is perched on our back fence is a baby Kookaburra... as in Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree... mighty mighty king of the bush is he... laugh Kookaburra... etc etc. This happens to be Lilli's favorite song right now! She has picked up the words and melody quickly... along with her other favorite... Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me. I love this song... especially the words "Cause I belong to somebody"!

On another note... am I the last human on the earth to discover EBAY? I signed up about 2 weeks ago in attempt to purchase Lilli a Matilda Jane dress or shirt or anything. I soon discovered that Matilda Jane sells for about 2X the original price on eBay... and have only successfully bid on one cute little pheasant top. On the other hand, Gap and Old Navy and Gymboree or plentiful! I have also scored some very cute shoes for all of the kids. Abby's were the first to arrive on Monday. She loves them! Mom does too ~ New Nike's for 14$ plus 5$ shipping... that is a great deal when kid's Nikes average over 100$ here in Australia. My other favorite successful bids have been a 12$ beautiful smocked dress for Lilli and 12$ on 3 pair of Gap Capri's ~ size 5 slim. They are TOO cute! Come July, Abby will look smashing in Hawaii! Until then, she and Lilli will be bundled up in their 5$ and 7$ eBay coats! I think I need to stop now!!!! ??????????

I added this last picture just because I love it! I found this cute little two pair pack of socks at Target and just knew it would be perfect! Abby is so stripes and Lilli is so polka dots!


Ellie said...

ebay - so that is what you have been up to! fun isn't it?

gotta love those Aussie birds! and cute American Aussie Asian girls (not necessarily in that order :)

GGAdventures said...

Oh, welcome to the land of eBay! I've spent a lot of money there and made a lot of money there!
BTW, Matilda Jane rocks! We just got our huge box of dresses a few weeks ago. Plus, I tried calling in for the mega sale for over five hours with two different phones. No luck! Now the stuff is on eBay for twice the cost! Hmph!
Love the pics of their cute little tootsies!

Riky said...

oh no you are in trouble!! Ebay can be addicting!! You can find some great bargains!!!

love the pictures of the girls feet!!