Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No Need to RSVP

I receive all the invitations in the mail. Frilly pink baby shower invitations. Classic crisp white wedding invitations. Festive birthday party invitations. There is no need to RSVP. Everyone knows I can't attend. Why? Because the invitations are all from home, to celebrate a special day in the life of one of my family members.

Can you tell I am sad??? I talked to my mom and reveled in all the details from the latest missed baby shower. The guests, the gifts, the food, the fun... I heard it all second hand. What I would give to have been right in the middle of it... with a petit-four in one hand giving it my best competitive shot at one of the typical baby shower games.
I am an expert on child growth in increments of 1 year... as that is how often I see my tiny little relatives from my huge family... some of which are not so tiny anymore! I think this last year overseas will be the hardest as yet another sweet baby will be born in July. A precious baby girl to my cousin ~ who was simply a little girl herself when I departed the US.
OK... I am going to make a platter of deviled eggs and some sprite and lime sherbet punch and wash my sadness away. I might even get Lilli to play a shower game or two with me!

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