Monday, May 12, 2008


Lilli is one tough little cookie!!! She had tons of tests today, including 3 needles and xrays etc. She did not shed a single tear the entire time! When all was said and done, she looked at me and said, "Lilli very good mommy ~ please have my gummies"! The power of squishy Dora fruity snacks!!!

After our Lab work adventure, we headed for lunch (fish for Lilli of course) and to buy a pair of winter boots for Lilli. Lilli is so different from Abby who wants "the most plain" of everything available... no frills, no bows, no bells, and certainly no whistles for Abby!!!
Lilli wants it all! The shinier the better for her. When I held up the brown suede "worker boots" like Abby's... Lilli said "No thank you mommy ~ Lilli likes that one" pointing to some very black shiny boots. When I handed them to her, her eyes grew enormous as did her smile and she simply said "OOH LAH LAH"!!! How cute is that! She is already into fashion at 3.5 years old!!!!

A few pics from today:


Ellie said...

ooh lah lah Lilli! I love your boots!

Riky said...

that is so cute!! I love the boots too!!