Thursday, May 8, 2008

Out of the Mouth of a Babe

Lilli took possession of a new purse this morning.  She has spent the rest of the morning filling it up with treasures ~ the cute tags from her new jeans, a small container of Buzz Lightyear Play dough, a piece of plastic from the floor... and other odds and ends.  I decided she might like some pictures for her purse so I took a huge stack from my night stand.  Most of the pictures are new, but mixed in was one from August of 2007 when Lilli was still at the CWI.  It was taken by a dad during his visit to the Orphanage.   It is a tight shot... close up of a very sad little Lilli face.  
Lilli immediately snatched it out of my hand and started talking.  

Her exact words:

"Look Mommy, Lilli very sad this one.  Lilli Why-Ow (want in Mandarin) Mommy.  Come a here mommy - hurry!  Lilli happy now - see (pointing to big smile) Lilli why-ow mommy - Lilli huh (?) Mommy now here.  Lilli happy"

Now she is back to finding treasures for her purse... I am busy looking for the tissues!!!   She gets it... understands her history as a three year old can.  
We leave in a few minutes for our appointment with the Pediatric Cardiologist.  Will update later.  


Ellie said...

ohhhhhhhh so sweet - it is a happy sad sort of feeling isn't it??

love that Lilli :) (and her mommy too!) Happy Mothers Day!

Mel, Pete and Clara said...

It is AMAZING what our kids understand and can articulate. And you are right on the money, she does get it. Clara was adopted at 10 mos. and if I weren't around to witness some of the connections she made at such young ages, I'd never believe it. What an intense feeling that conversation must have given you. You make your daughter happy. Thats all we can ask for.
Best, Mel C.
(traveling to Xi'an May 20th to bring Lu home!)