Saturday, May 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home ~ 2 Months Today!

2 months ago today, Lilli walked into her new home for the first time. She met her siblings, her grandpa, and she peaked at her puppies. She sat in her chair at the family table for the first time. She slept in her bed for the first time. 2 months later ~ it feels as if she has never been anywhere else.

Yesterday, we were finally able to see the Pediatric Internal Specialist. Her words exactly ~ "Lilli is a miracle!" The Doctor studied Lilli's file ~ MRIs, Ultrasounds, Test Results of all descriptions ~ then looked at me and asked me if I realized that Lilli should not be here... with her medical condition, she should not have survived. She further examined Lilli and is quite certain that the Tomorrow Plan, who is responsible for Lilli's surgery, completed one of the best surgical repairs that she has come across for a diaphragmatic hernia the size of Lilli's.
We have a few more tests on Monday; however, the Doctor feels that Lilli is a very healthy little girl... heart and lungs healed ~ and very bright also! : () ) I am not a Dr and I figured that one out!
While in China, I saw some very heart wrenching things and I was told horrid accounts about the state of China's Children's Welfare System. Lilli's existence speaks volumes about the good and the caring of China's efforts. It speaks even more clearly that Lilli was known to God ~ cared for and nurtured by the most powerful! She is a miracle ~ She is our miracle!
Now... my only question... how do you raise a "miracle" without spoiling her rotten??? I'm at a loss on this one....


Ellie said...

ok, I'm crying. I got chills reading about Lilli being a miracle! I'm so happy for you and for your miracle named Lilli. God is so good.

GGAdventures said...

She's a fighter and survivor for sure! What great news!!! Now go spoil that little miracle child. :)
Happy Mother's Day.