Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Ah-Ha" Moment

.... So, When I opened Lilli's backpack on Friday morning to make sure everything was in order for school, I found a piece of paper that I had missed on Wednesday afternoon. It was this:

A true "Ah-Ha" moment... YES... I already know she mastered the art of cutting thanks! : )
Lilli is now having structured cutting sessions (GREAT idea Joe!) at the kitchen table with all kind of fun paper and yarn to cut... for as long as Lilli wants to cut... to get it out of her system! The whole time we go over scissor and cutting rules. Oh, If I would have only found this on Wednesday afternoon.... I MIGHT have been able to save the hair????????????


DawnS said...

Oh yes - for sure that might have helped! They should have plastered that note to the children's clothing before sending them home! But then... it wouldn't have been as funny - I mean, as a story of course!

Rylee's Mama :)

Tammy said...

That is too funny. A story you will always remember and you can tell Lilli's kids all about it. Great, Thanks for sharing.

ellie said...


I never left told you that when I opened this post and saw the certificate - I almost spewed coffee everywhere as it totally cracked me up! TOO FUNNY!

Cheers :)