Friday, January 9, 2009

I'll be back...

... but for now, I am enjoying every second possible with my hubby! I have him for just a few more days and then I will be back to regular blogging... I would love to say that we are just gazing into each other's eyes... but in reality... Joe is checking the boxes on my "honey do list"... ok ok... I get a kiss or two between each task... but there are just so many light bulbs to change, pictures to hang, filters to clean, etc etc etc... you get the idea!

The kids are also enjoying their dad ... having him come home just shows us all how much we miss him when he is gone! This is way harder than I ever imagined it would be!
Joe and I did take a little break to see "Marley and Me" the other night... it was great! But... I recommend taking a box of Kleenex for each person! There was not a dry eye in the packed theater... in fact, the older gentleman behind me contributed to the great Alabama flood that we are experiencing at the moment! Really Touching!!!

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