Saturday, January 10, 2009

What Has Green Eyes and A Furry Tail ???

Milli .... our new cat!

We decided that we are settled enough to add a family pet to the chaos! So we contacted a local rescue group earlier this week... filled out the "adoption" application and today, our newest family member joined the clan!

Her "shelter name" was Tammy Faye ... We KNEW that HAD to be changed!!! I was thinking Piper or Willow... but nope... Holly decided this beautiful green eyed creature was a Milli. Funny... I think of Milli Vanilli every time I have heard the kids call her today... I keep trying to make myself think of something like Sweet old Aunt Milli... but I am afraid... Milli Vanilli is what comes to mind!


Amy said...

I have the Milli Vanili CD!! I think that's a cute name and you can just call her Milli Vanili! She's beautiful and looks really sweet!

ellie said...

Isabella guessed correctly - Milli is beautiful - I like that Milli & Lilli's names are only one letter different!

How fun to have a kitty - we are all soooooooo allergic :)

daveandmarcy said...

She's gorgeous!
We love our kitty so much. We just celebrated his 14th birthday by giving him an entire can of tuna all for himself, just like we have for the last 13 years! Enjoy your beautiful Milli!
(Okay she does sort of look like a Tammy Faye to me but I can see why you'd change that--made me laugh though!)