Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Last Christmas Decoration Was Put Away Until Next Year...

...That decoration being my Christmas Blog Design! I LOVED it... But alas, it was time to move on! Not too sad as I so enjoy working with Danielle from Blogs By Danielle.

It is such a fun process... from picking out a digital scrapbook kit (there are millions!!!), to waiting patiently (or not) for the first rendition of the header, to the excitement of opening the blog with the new design for the first time!

Guess what Danielle so graciously offered today???? She offered a $10 "blog-over" discount for the first 2 of you that contact her after viewing my new design! Her prices are amazingly LOW to start with... I know how much time she puts in... as she invited me along for the "ride" via IM last night and this afternoon. She really cares about each and every design and each and every blogger's satisfaction!

Go take a look at all of her work... her blog is set up to easily view her different style designs. I am sure that you will find many that you LOVE! I wonder if I am one of the first 2 to respond, if she will give me the 10$ discount on my next redo??? : )

As for me... THANKS DANIELLE! As always... you were able to create something better than I ever imagined! I like having a beautiful blog... it makes me happy!!!

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ellie said...

I always love your blog designs! but you crack me up - you are such a better spender than I am :) It is pretty hard for me to spend money on my blog that my 3 friends read lol! anyway my husband might just say I can't buy the new camera I have my eye on! My goal is to learn to do my blog myself, I'm not getting very far with that goal!

It is nice to see you back! We are still in the summer and so I don't have a chance to post - or to take photos as much as I would like - next week the first ones start back to school and the week after Isabella goes back so life will get closet to "normal"!