Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New President and Retail Therapy

Today is the day that I will have to take a deep breath with my VERY Conservative VERY Republican lungs and put all my hopes and wishes behind our 44th Commander in Chief - President Obama. My hope is that he leads our country with strength, dignity, courage, morals, and knowledge. My dream is for a bright future under the guidance of President Obama.

He has my full support... but... I sure hope he rethinks a recent cabinet decision and appoints a Secretary of the Treasury that actually understands the Tax Code (ie... pays his own taxes correctly) and does not hire an illegal as a nanny!!! Please???? and maybe even an Attorney General who hasn't made a mint off of handling a case with ties to a terrorist organization.

OK... enough politics for me!


...On to a much more fun topic... retail therapy!

After dropping Joe at the airport Sunday, I headed straight to Target for some retail therapy. Grocery shopping, for some strange reason, makes me feel better! (I think I have mentioned that before) This time it did not help much... The poor young guy at the deli counter received more than her bargained for when he asked me if I was ok... "you look sad ma'am, has your day been ok?"... to which a few more tears fell and I told him I would be fine. Poor thing... the look on his face was priceless!

I ventured from the grocery section to the other parts of Target also... and found some cute little girl summer clothes. Funny - summer clothes hanging on the racks - it snowed yesterday... YES!!! Snow in Alabama! They won't wear them now but I did pick up some cute shirt dresses for Lilli and plaid bermuda shorts and cropped sweaters for Abby to stash for later... as the prices and cute factor could not be beat!!! I'll add some pictures later if I can get them to model!

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DawnS said...

I'm right there - deep breathing and stretching my lungs along with ya!