Monday, January 19, 2009

Making My Own Coffee Again...

I woke up this morning, slowly made my way to the kitchen only to remember that I had to prepare my own coffee. Not a huge task to complete... but one of the many thoughtful things that Joe does each morning. I have been waking up each day for the last month to girl-ee giggles as Abby and Lilli race to my bedside proclaiming, "Daddy has your coffee ready"! (He even brought some of my favorite coffee from Australia...It's Italian but not sold in the US... waahhh!) Yes... Joe took over "get everyone ready for school" duties and allowed me to sleep in for a month! I am afraid my body will go into shock when my alarm rings at 5:20 tomorrow morning!

Joe is over the Pacific now. He should be back to reality in about 4 hours... touching down in Sydney and making his way to Canberra to work. We are hoping that he will be able to "stop by" for a few days in March on the back end of a work trip to DC that he has.

The GREAT news is that we are halfway DONE with our year without him. The next 6 months will surely fly... right???

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