Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Decorating LOTS of Walls on a Budget

Abby and Lilli have a big room - lots and lots of wall space. Also, there is a door that leads to a playroom that they call their "Secret Room" - tons more wall space. I have been searching for some type of art that would be good for my toddler girls that would not break the bank ... because I need LOTS of it! I love many things that I have found... but when the price is pushing $100 per piece or more... I just can't do it. They will be older soon and we all know that what once was great for kids and parents gives way to decor that is more clutter than actual decor!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, in hopes to save money and to create a cute space... I decided to make my own!
I started with some very reasonable priced small prints that I just fell in love with. My favorite site to find these are http://www.etsy.com/ . I LOVE both Danita and Tummy Mountain.

You can get small signed prints for just a few dollars. They are too small to decorate a big space... so I decided to "fix" that problem.

I gathered all my craft paraphernalia... which includes MASS AMOUNTS of scrapbook paper and fabric. (Don't you just love Amy Butler????) I will admit that I do not - repeat do not - scrapbook. I do; however, have a certain odd and somewhat questionable love of scrapbook paper! I have collected pieces here and there for years now. I knew that it would all come in handy.

I supplemented my pile of "stuff" with a quick trip to Michael's to purchase some large Canvases. WOW...they were on sale for $5.99 for a two pack!

I am also using pieces of fabric from my collection (yes... again a very questionable love as I DO NOT sew!) to decorate the play room. Besides canvas, I departed Michael's with a shopping bag overflowing with inexpensive embroidery hoops in a veritable potpourri of sizes. You can see why below.

So here are some pics of what I had and what I did... I still have some work to do... but I am thrilled with the final product as are the girls!


Susan said...

Very cute and oh so creative.

Susan and Kate
Riverview, FL

ellie said...

ok you are sooooooooooooooooo creative! I LOVE the pictures you put to gether - WOW! Great hoops too! I cannot wait to see photos of the entire rooms!!

DawnS said...

These ideas are awesome!!! I have been trying to figure out what to do with the walls in our playroom -I might have to dig out my (up until this point) totally useless ribbon and yarn collection and see what I can do with it!