Monday, February 16, 2009

Proud Peacock Post

Just have to mention a couple things that my big kids have done to make me one proud peacock these days:

1) Latest report cards have everyone on Honor Roll once more... Holly had 3 out of 4 grades that were 100%... perfect! I recently went to the High School to "sign off" on Joey's and Holly's schedules for next year. I was thrilled that every person that I came in contact with had nothing but compliments for the kids - both academically and on a personal level. They have all transitioned well!

2) Each of the older kids basketball teams made the playoffs. Holly had a phenomenal game on Saturday where she scored 16 of her teams 30 points. She stole the ball in a play that ended with a buzzer beater win ~ 30 to 28! Her final game is next Saturday. I love that she wants to win; however, second place won't be bad because "I like silver better than gold!" she told me! Only a girl would say this! Joey's team lost in the final game last week and Daniel is playing for 3rd place this coming Saturday also. It has been a great season for them all. On to Abby's T-ball... Which we are all excited about!

3) Joey and Holly just took a field trip to University of Alabama for an Alabama High School Journalism Event. Holly went as a member of the Yearbook Staff and Joey went as a member of the School Newspaper Staff. They both had an exciting day on the huge UA campus in Tuscaloosa. They took classes and learned a great deal. Joey's day ended with an award ~ Best Overall Sportswriter for the State of Alabama. WOW! He is always so low key... but was super pumped about this grand accomplishment! Joe and I are so proud !

Bottom line... everyday, and I mean everyday, I stop and smile because of my children. They never cease to amaze me with their courage, strength, and willingness to put 100% of their energy into reaching their goals! ... and they are always front and center to help me!

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