Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Late Night Lonely has Increased my Television Viewing...and a Little Extra that I Need to Get Off My Chest! : )

Most of the day and evening, I am too busy to realize that I am lonely. Late at night, when the wonderful chaos of 5 kids fades into slumber, that changes. The loneliness engulfs me. I miss my best friend... more than I can explain!
I tried turning to ice cream and chips and salsa... NOT good for the waist line and also not much company. I have added a pet or two... wonderful... but again, not enough "two-way" conversation going on there....
So I have now turned to the television(does talking to the TV count as a two-way conversation???). HGTV.... my friend... my late night partner! I also record a few shows that I can't miss... Idol, Bachelor, Grey's Anatomy, Privileged (love Survivor, Apprentice, and Amazing Race but they are not on now) ... but mainly I am a HGTV girl. I love all the design ideas... inside and out... that I could possibly use in my house and yard. And the biggest bonus... NEVER EVER any scary commercials! (Holly and I went to the movie Sunday night and I am still in shock over a preview that they showed before a PG movie... in SHOCK that they advertised a horror movie! It freaked me out a bit... I am sure a nightmare or two will follow!)
Anyway... HGTV is all smiles and sunshine... and a design dilemma or two! I think Joe will think it is a nightmare as his "To-Do" list grows with each new cool idea I see on HGTV... but at least it eases my sadness each night! My favorite's from HGTV... Property Virgins, House Hunters, Designed to Sell, Unsellables, Deserving Design, Curb Appeal, etc. etc. etc. Who would have ever thought that a television channel could be a complete success with 24/7 shows focused on decorating...

PS... I have entered the Dream House giveaway every day since they let me... so I might be moving to Sanoma, California when I win... :) Wonder what the taxes will be on a 2 million dollar dream home package? I could always just not pay and use the "Obama Cabinet" get out of jail card with the IRS should I be called out on missing the payment to Uncle Sam... you know what I am talking about.... "That is my accountant's fault... Oh, My tax software did not warn me about that... I did not understand... and the most important part of the plan... I am SO SORRY America..." But seeing as I am a normal American with no "title" in front of my name... I don't think that would work! I think I would go to JAIL! : )


ellie said...

I'm just so glad you have cable! (or whatever it is!) I'm really missing my HGTV now that you mention it.

Hugs :)

GGAdventures said...

You've been amazing at keeping your family together and happy here. Joe will be home for good before you know it.
Have you joined Facebook? You could really catch up with some old and new friends. It can take over your life! I got reconnected with a guy that moved in fifth grade! Just an option...just in case House Hunters is a repeat. :)