Saturday, February 28, 2009

Put Me in Coach, I'm Ready to Play

Abby has been counting down to organized sports for years. She made her "sporting debut" at her brother's basketball game at the ripe age of 1 month old. Since then... she has been a devoted fan. Getting older, she just did not understand why she could not be on a team. It was her most wished wish... and now that wish has come true.
I would like to introduce the newest "Blue Dolphin"! If excitement counts for anything, she will leave Cal Ripken Jr. in her dust...

An added note.... Abby is 5 years old. She has been in our legal custody since age 4 days. It has been the most emotional adoption journey... seriously... it has had me on my knees in tears and it has brought me the greatest joy... and everywhere in between. Abby is amazing... It is not her... It is the fact that she is from Indonesia. Indonesia and America have no International Agreement regarding adoption. The year we adopted Abby, she was one of only 8 children adopted internationally from Indonesia - the majority of the children being adopted to Australian families. Indonesia is a Muslim country... a fact that I naively thought would have no affect on the adoption... a certain Homeland Security official thought differently... And lastly, Indonesia was a Hague Treaty country long before the US was. Add all these factors (and a few million others that popped up along the way) and what you get is a very long and difficult adoption.

How apropos that the day Abby joined the ranks of those enjoying the "Great American Past Time", is the day that Abby received her Certificate of American Citizenship! It is the "Home Base" of all international adoptions! We are ELATED!

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Amy in Arizona said...

Wow!! What a long haul Abby's adoption was! Congratulations!!!