Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is This a JOKE?

Sadly it is not a joke.

This little guy is way cute:

But seriously... why should 30million - YES 30 MILLION - of OUR money go to research this little guy? This is one of the so called stimulating items in the Stimulus Package that is almost a done deal.

Oh... by the way... I actually know WHY 30 million dollars worth of research is included in the bill ... It is simply because the money is going directly to Nancy Pelosi's district - and she has previously been extremely vocal about researching this little mouse. But... I am told over and over that there are NO earmarks... hmmmmmmmmmmm...

I wonder how many hungry children are in Pelosi's district? How many families are being put out of their homes? How many people are being turned away from a medical facility? Isn't it her state that is "holding" tax refunds that are owed to citizens?? 30 Million is not enough to "fix" any of the problems; however, 30 Million would be a good start... 30 Million could be used for so many more important things. Research the little mouse when the economy recovers.

How is this right? How is this smart? How the heck can our government shove this down our throats? How do I explain to my children that they (as well as their children) will be paying for the crazy spending of my generation? How do I, a single person among millions and millions, make my voice heard... make a difference?

I 100% support our government being proactive. I 100% support lowering taxes - personal and small business and even corporate - to stimulate the economy ~ to create jobs, I fully support aiding our financial infrastructure so that citizens can get personal and small business loans, I 100% support HELPING those that are hungry, sick, and more importantly who have fallen victim to the CRAZY mortgage schemes of the past decade. We need to spend money on reconfiguring mortgages so that the housing market is stabilized... So that the value of my home and yours does not fall... To make sure that there are good jobs for those who want to work hard. I 100% support infrastructure spending in order to create jobs- focusing on those projects across the US - in small towns everywhere - projects that have already been planned and approved, yet shelved due to funding issues... get the money out there now. Don't start from scratch... takes too long to plan and seek approval for a major project....

Preaching Doom and Gloom and researching the Harvest Mouse... I just don't get it! Anyone out there get it and want to explain it to me????

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DawnS said...

I wish I could explain it. This frustrates me to no end! When did this become the acceptable way to govern our country??? And the worst part is we can't even do anything about it!

On the bright side of things - we didn't have to listen to Joelle fake her way through another workout this week ;)