Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Favorite News Clip from Yesterday

UPDATE... Today I saw that lots of folks (on the news channels and talk radio) were giving our new Sec. of State a lot of grief because of what she said about Bill.... HEAVENS people... lighten up... I thought this was hilarious and as a military spouse I was thinking I could SO RELATE! Joe has moved me from pillar to post... 10 months here, a year there, houses with "safe rooms", a career that has existed of what ever opportunity fell into my lap in whatever city/country we were living in at the time... It has been a ride of a lifetime filled with experiences that have made me who I am... I can so relate to being the "spouse". Now, I know folks were thinking about "Monica" when she said this... but seriously... I say cut her a break... as it was so off the cuff... and totally hilarious! I like her much more now that I have seen this glimpse into her humorous side! Way to go Hill !!! I might change my pet's name to Hillary after this! : )

And to all those "hosts" that have nothing better to do but give Hillary grief... go talk about the the stimulus bill as the only thing that it is stimulating is my need to go to Walgreens to buy some Pepto Bismol... this country needs real relief... not birth control and new grass for DC! Pres. Obama... I respectfully ask you to take charge... tell Nancy (Pelosi) to knock it off with the PORK!!!

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