Monday, July 16, 2007

The BIGGEST of us all.... no, not dad...

... but Joseph Dominic IV! At age 15, Joey has passed us all... by at least 4 inches! Now, I am a tall girl... 6 feet tall... and I have to look up to my 15 year old son... way up!

I bet you already know his favorite past time... yes, he is all about the basketball also! Playing and watching... his favorite team in the New Orleans Hornets... and he likes a player by the name of CP3 or Chris Paul! Joey has taught his little sister the names of players and what team they play for, but of course her favorite is Chris Paul also!

Joey is about to go on an adventure to America and Canada playing basketball for his school. He will depart Australia and spend about 20 days traveling the West Coast and Canada! He will spend his 16th birthday at Universal Studios in Los Angeles... how is that for a school field trip!

Joey is also an excellent student ... and places a great deal of importance on his studies... for his own self satisfaction! Does it get any better for a parent than that?

He also enjoys XBox and Computers... but most of all is counting down the days until her can get his "Ls" as they called in Australia... L Plate or Learner's permit to DRIVE!!!! Yikes! I am not anywhere close to the age of a parent that is about to have a child that drives.... wait... yes, I am!!! In Australia, at 15 years and 9 months a person can start the process of learning to drive... without mom in the car no doubt! Joey will start a little later... and start with a driving school! He does have a car picked out in the States for when we return... I will attach a picture to this blog... but the only problem is... when we were at home for this past Christmas, we tried to take a test drive and Joey could not fit in the car!!! And... that was 4 inches ago! It was so funny! Now he thinks that maybe a Mustang will do!

Joey will finish 10th grade in December but really only things as far out as his trip to the US to play basketball. I am trying to bribe him with a car and really good home cooking if he spends a year or so with Nanny and Papa and attends a smaller college in Louisiana before heading out into the HUGE world that he has been sheltered from!

He is also an amazing person... Joe and I have watched with warm hearts as he developed a very special bond with his baby sister! He is amazing with her... and will be an excelent father one day.... in the way far away future! Way away!!!

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