Monday, July 16, 2007

My future Jeff Gordon...

Next we have Daniel Jeffrey... he is my crazy little man that keeps me on my toes! He will race cars and drive the girls wild one day!

He is an amazing athlete that is all about Basketball! He can handle the basketball ball like you have never seen... he is so fast!!! I love to watch him play... but as we have had a few too many basketball injuries lately in our house... I watch while holding my breath... not an easy task!

Daniel is a great student and is at the top of his 6th grade class! He is polite and well mannered and always HELPFUL!!! I have raised a true gentleman!

He loves to play a game on the computer called Runscape... mainly because he talks to his best friend in Jakarta while doing so... hi Jonathan!!! He also spends a lot of time watching "Hannah Montanna" on the Disney Channel... I wonder why? :)

His other passion is fishing... he got this one honest... straight from his Papa! Joe has been sourcing places to take him fishing in Australia and they will hopefully have a fishing trip very soon! I just hope it is a catch and release place because if you know me... you know I don't like FISH!!!

Daniel is a ball of energy and keeps us smiling! His little sister is especially smitten with her "neeniel bear"!!!

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