Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Boys Return...

The boys returned from the US yesterday. They had flown home to attend Joe's dad's funeral. Although not under the greatest of circumstances, the boys enjoyed getting to see Joe's huge family... all the aunts and uncles and cousins! They especially enjoyed spending time with Grandma Judge. Joey learned the infamous biscuit recipe from Grandma Judge and we have been treated to them twice since he returned home. He is now Abby's "Best cooker" ~ an honor that is usually saved for Holly and her homemade pancakes.

I think Joey grew a few inches in the 2 weeks that they were gone... Holly sure is glad they are all back as to have some siblings to share the "chore load" with.

Back to school in just a few short days!

As for Lilli's adoption, as soon as Joe landed yesterday, I had an apointment at the Embassy with the JAG officer to get our final paper notarized and express mailed to our agency in the US. Our paperwork or "Dossier" should be on its way to China within a very short time. It still looks like we will travel in November time frame!

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