Sunday, July 15, 2007

I will introduce the kids ~ one at a time...

I will start with Abigail Noelle Aziz ~ our little one from "The Ring of Fire" as she will tell you. Abby is 3 and has a pretty serious princess complex! She pretty much rules our home... but that is just fine with us!

She has just started school, as mommy went to work to help cover the costs of Lilli's adoption. Although it took her a few weeks to aclimate, she is now a star student who bounds out of bed ready for her day full of excitement with her school mates ~ Jakie, Zanda, and Abby 5 !

Abby's favorites include:

Mommy Rebel

Soft Soft

Playhouse Disney


Everyday we are so thankful for the blessing of this beautiful and special little girl!

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