Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sick Baby and Lost Paperwork...

Abby has been quite sick this week! I had to pick her up from Ms. Lynn's house on Tuesday around 3 because she lost her first battle with daycare "itis"! Now, she stayed tough... she was the last one to succumb... but succumb she did! We have been fighting the high fever for three days now ... but I think we won today! She has not had a fever for 6 hours! YEAH!!!

Now, as there are only 4 little ones that go to "Ms. Lynn's School", we have been lucky to avoid all day care type illnesses! YEAH!! Unfortunately, the last few weeks were school break and Ms. Lynn had a few extra kids... and wham! ~ they not only brought the virus... they brought LICE too! We never saw any, but treated Abby (she screamed the whole time) for good measure!

Hopefully we will be fully recovered and ready for the triumphant return to school on Monday... and that means back to work for mommy!!!

Now for the rest of the gang... they are all back into the swing of school and activities after the 3 week mid-winter break. Joey pretty much has basketball before and after school everyday exept Friday... and Holly's High School Musical practice now runs until 10pm! Can someone say time for summer? Does everyone back home realize that because Australia is under the equator, our seasons are reversed? It is the end of July here which means the middle of winter... our summer is December, January, and February... and we are ready!

We did get a new photo of Lilli ~ thanks to Sandy!!! She is wearing one of my favorite little outfits that Abby wore ~ when she was a bit younger! I love the color lavendar on Abby and it looks like it is a great color for Lilli also! We had a little hiccup with one piece of our paperwork ~ but we are now back on track and it only seemed to have cost us a week or two! Too long when I am so wanting to hold my daughter... but as long as we are still moving forward... that is all that matters! We will be there soon! I told the kids tonight that if our trip to get Lilli falls during their school break, we might just have to add a couple days in Hong Kong after we get Lilli to visit Disney!!! They say that it is the most modern Disney there is... and who knows when we would get back to Florida! We must introduce our Lilli to Mickey and Minney as soon as possible!!!

That is all for today.... I am sure there will be more tomorrow! :) There always is!

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