Friday, July 20, 2007

My $2000 dollar cup of coffee and we are so boring sometimes...

What cup of coffee costs so much you ask? 100% Kona... no ~ Special coffee from Indonesia that involves a musong... no... it is the freshly brewed hot cup that I made last night and spilled on Joe's laptop keyboard! Now ~ I wanted a new laptop... but this was not my idea of how to achieve that goal faster... I promise!!! Last night, it would not even turn on. Today, it turns on, but the key pad will not work! Tomorrow ... just keep your fingers crossed!!! But... I did find a nice new Dell with a very reasonable price tag... we will see!

As for boring... Joe and I were going on a date tonight, to see a movie. We got to the mall a bit early so we had to walk around. I looked back over my shoulder at Target and Joe was leaning on a shelf sound asleep! Jet Lag! So, instead of a movie, we ran into the grocery, picked up a couple things, and headed home. Oh... how exciting!!!

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