Wednesday, April 23, 2008

29 ~ I wish!!!

Have not updated in a few days as I have been "otherwise entertained"... by my back pain! YUCK! I am about to have a birthday, not turning 29, and my back has reminded me that I am not as young as I once was! I was simply putting my left sock on Monday morning ... and that is all she wrote. I ended up at the Dr and at the Physio and 4 days later I am still hurting. I will have a MRI next week to "guarantee" that it is just mechanical back pain and nothing else... but man oh man... I miss having a 29 year old body! The 40 plus brain I will stick with... but please give me back my 29 year old body!!!!

As for the littles... they have tons to do as I have hit all the summer clearance sales and our backyard now looks like I run a daycare! Yuck again... way too tacky... but LOADS of fun for the littles and at least one of the bigs that barely makes it under the weight limit of all the new toys! Also... the birds love "roosting" on the top of all the new toys... I am sure all the plastic will have cockatoo chew marks very soon!

Joe took Lilli and Abby to gymnastics for a few "introductory" classes and reported back that Lilli has NO fear at all! Is this good or a bit scary.... I can't decide???? They will start full time gymnastics on Monday morning.... and I will just have to see for myself and also post some pictures! : () )

This morning for breakfast, I made biscuits. My kids have always enjoyed honey with biscuits instead of butter. I was thinking Lilli would fit right in because she "Bu likes a butter" (that means I don't like butter in Lilli's cute Mandarin and English speech). Lilli took one look at my biscuit on her plate and the little bowl of fresh honey... and looked at me and said "Lilli bu likes a this one Momma"... I asked her nicely to try it (Is it nice to say if she didn't she would never again get ice cream?????) and she did and she LOVES it - she said so - "Lilli Loves a this one momma"... 2 biscuits later she was full and happy! I would bet Joe's next paycheck that the first words out of her mouth tomorrow morning will be... "Good Morning Momma, can I have Biscuits and Honey please?" Too funny!

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daveandmarcy said...

Sorry about your back! I hope it'll be 100% better very soon.

"Lilli loves a this one"--oh my that is just so adorable!

I love your backyard birds. Amazing!

Thanks for sharing the stories and pics,
Marcy in Guam