Friday, April 18, 2008

Ice Cream Truck and Fashion Statements

The ice cream truck showed up on our street this afternoon! Next thing you know, I will see the Brady kids riding bikes! Seriously... how cool is that??? I have not seen an old fashioned ice cream truck ~ music and all ~ in years! I did see the ice cream bicycle ~ music and all ~ in Jakarta every day... but an ice cream truck like when I was little ~ I was more excited than the kids. Actually, I scared Joey pretty bad. He has had a talk and asked me never to scream ~ "Joey, grab the girls and get out here" at the top of my lungs anymore! : () )

On another note... Lilli and her fashion choices. Each day she adds a little something to the clothes that we pick out together. I have already discovered that she loves dresses and skirts and prefers very bright colors over my favorite drab browns and pinks; however, I am learning quickly that without exception, she likes to add a little twist to her outfits each day ~ whether it be a belt or scarf or hat... or as she has today, one winter glove. She has no desire to add the second glove... and it is not cold outside today at all (hence the ice cream truck I am sure) but still, the glove will not come off. Lilli loves the glove today. She thinks it is "be- u - tee - full".

The girls helped me clean out their closet and armoire today. Lilli got really excited over a few things that were "new" to her... wonder what her "special add-on" will be tomorrow????

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Mei Mei Journal said...

I love your blog. I found it when we brought Paige home in January and the girls hadn't quite hit it off yet.
All of the adorable pics of your girls helped keep me optmistic that things would get better, and they did!