Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yesterday and Today

We have been "stuck" at home for 2 days as we have maintenence workers from the Embassy to repair several things and FOX Cable installing cable on one more television... YEAH... no more domination by Sports Center!!! I can watch Gilmore Girls or the news or Ellen... anything my heart desires!!!

Yesterday, the girls had fun painting and playing outside for hours and hours as it warmed up in the afternoon! It was a beautiful sunny Canberra day!

Today, I let the girls pick anything out of their armoire to wear... Abby opted for some "COOL" red stripes while Lilli went crazy over the "BEAUTIFUL" colorful top! Maybe I have been putting too much brown on her... as she just kept saying over and over again "Beautiful shirt momma... pretty" ~ she is a colorful girl!!!

Lilli's other sentences today:

1) Can Lilli milk outside? ~ asking to take her sippie cup of milk out to play!!!!

2) Puppies ruff ruff Lilli not sleep. ~ this was at 4am when she toddled into my bed.

3) These shoes momma. ~ no explanation needed

4) Yummy toast momma. ~ we tried toast with butter and grape jelly this morning ... and after saying "YUNK" several times (her word for yuck) Daniel took a bit to encourage her... that is all it took.

5) Lilli likes toast with jelly momma. ~ see number 4

6) Little Bitty Spider momma outside. ~ YES... and it was not too small... but it was already squished and there was a bit of spider on the bottom of Lilli's pretty brown dress shoes... see number 3.

7) I Love-va you momma. ~ my personal favorite.... this morning it came out "I love-va you Rebel".... still music to my ears!!!

As for the oldies but goodies....

Joey is off to the bush ~ in the mountains for a 3 day survival camp. They are way big into survival and camping skills in the Australian Educational System ... because camping and bush walking is a way of life here and there is so much open space. It is great that they teach the kids from a very young age how to survive in the outback. I always worry about spiders and snakes (think Brown Snake.... way poisonous) but the kids have a blast.... rock climbing, doing huge flying foxes and repelling down the side of mountains ~ the pictures are really cool. I do hold my breath until they return .... hard last year as Holly's camp was 12 days long!!!

Holly and Daniel are busy with school ~ lots of big assignments due as they have one more week before term break. Remember ~ school in Australia starts in February... so we have finished our first term as of next week. Summer break here is November, December, and January... when Canberra is like a desert!

Notes on the pics above:
We went to a Party the other day for the NCAA Tournament... March Madness. Lilli learned "knucks" from some of the teenage boys there... she has retained the knowledge. When I put "girl power" tattoos on the girls hands on Monday, Lilli promptly asked Abby for "knucks"!

Ellie ~ words can not express my gratitude for the music toys you gave the girls... Ladybug maracas and jingle bells... oh what fun!!! Just to let you know, Tia's drum set is in the mail now! hehehehe!

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