Thursday, April 3, 2008

AMAZING News!!!!!

We saw the special Dr about Lilli's "insides"... and her D. Hernia repair was 100% successful and should be for life.

Lilli continues to loose weight ~ she is now at exactly 14 kilos vs. 16.4 at the clinic in Guangzhou... they think it is a combination of the amount of exercise she is getting plus the lack of rice all day every day and the fact that she had put herself pretty much on an Atkins' style diet.... protein protein protein. Her height and weight are both in the 40th percentile on the Australian chart... but her head is in the 90% percentile... big head.... actually ~ the Dr thinks she is older... closer to 4... and still has some growing of the body to catch up to the head. We could do a bone scan, but Joe and I have decided to leave her birthdate as is. Having her and Abby closer would put them in the same grade at school - we don't want. This will also give Lilli more of a chance to "catch up" in her language skills. The Dr was amazed with her - she SHOWED her how smart she was!!! And her skills with her hands... standing 8 regular crayons up end in a row... touching each other without knocking the others down... and pointing out (in English) the colors of the paperclips on her desk and counting them up to ten in English....

There is still a small concern about her heart.... and we now have an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist in early may.... more of a "precaution" as it sounds good... they just want to make 100% sure it has moved back to the exact location it is supposed to be in.

Lilli is blessed and our prayers have been answered!!!! She is perfect .... mind, body, and soul!!!!

It has been an emotional day.... I knew in my heart that she was healthy... but to hear the specialist say she is perfect... WOW!!! Words aren't enough to describe the JOY!!!

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