Saturday, April 5, 2008


At home, we would call today ~ School Fair Day. In Australia, it is called the Fete (pronounced "fate"). All I know is that it was our "fate" to have a fun day!
Lilli enjoyed everything about the Fete, with the exception of Fairy Floss (Cotton Candy) which she would NOT TRY! Those little lips sealed shut... she will one day soon realize what she missed out on! But today, purple food was not on her menu! Abby and Holly were actually happy as it left more for them!
We had a fun afternoon which led to a late nap for Abby, Lilli, and Joe too! So.... it is now 10pm and the Judge house is alive with giggles!!! I just gave them the 5 minute warning. I am sure they hope I take a while writing as they are having a great time jumping from dad to the beanbags!
Enjoy the pics!
Also... Joe and I went out for dinner and a movie for the first time in a few months. We saw a great movie ~ The Bucket List. I used a ton of Kleenex ... it was a tear jerker... but as all Rob Reiner films... GREAT!!! I also think Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson were perfect in their roles!!! I recommend this movie... is it still in Theaters in the US.... or on video now??? Anyway, I think it was great!!!

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Ellie said...

The girls look like they are getting to be such good friends and having such fun together!

Joe looks like he is getting a good work out! No wonder he took a nap!