Sunday, April 27, 2008

Too Quiet

It is too quiet. Joe is off to work, the littles are still in dreamland, and the oldies excitedly left for school this morning after a 2 week break. They were quite happy to get back to the normal "grind"... I have to admit being a bit sad. I love when they are on vacation and the house is noisy and full of life!

Daniel was particularly thrilled this morning as the schools officially switch to winter uniforms on day 1 of term 2... he was able to wear a blazer for the first time as he is now at the senior school. He does look dapper!!! Joey also had a uniform change as he is year 11, the winter uniform switches from what Daniel is now wearing to a navy blue suit. He also looks nice... very tall.... and very nice!

Holly is my "uniform hater" ~ as she does not fall too far from the apple tree (me) ~ she prefers jeans and a sweatshirt over the preppy plaid skirt, sweater, and blazer. Who can blame her???

I think they will all remember how easy getting ready for school was when with a uniform when we return to the US next year and they have to make fashion choices early each morning... : () )

Please note.... can you tell by the pictures how "not thrilled" the oldies are with getting their pictures taken at 7am this morning??? With the exception of Daniel (for 1 shot only) they basically growled at me when they saw me with the camera... now scroll down and look at the littles happily posing and smiling ~ always happy to say "cheese" a million times and hurry to the computer with me to upload the new pictures and see themselves! Not even the offer of a lollipop brought a smile to Joey's face.... : () )

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Tiffany said...

Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while! I enjoyed getting all caught up!
Such a beautiful family you have!