Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bowling, Butterflies, and Beautiful Smiles

Yesterday started off slow... with a good straightening of the house before we departed for the bowling alley! Abby was quite excited to share one of her favorite activities with Lilli for the first time! The girls enjoyed 2 games each... and mom enjoyed a Latte!!!
A friend of mine met me at the bowling alley with a "Welcome Home Lilli" present... I sure do like the present... it is a 1 hour hot stone massage! It is for momma!!! How did my buddy know just what Lilli needed... a happy mommy with a happy back!!! Funny ~ I am the same! I always give new moms something similar when I go to baby showers... something just for mom... because baby always gets a ton of cool stuff... someone needs to think about the mom! ... thank you Sheila... I will enjoy every second of my hot stone massage!

Today, we started bright and early at the dentist. Both the littles were soooooooooooooo well behaved and happy to be in the dental chair! Abby received an excellent rating... she is a great brusher... it is one of her favorite activities! I often "lose" her only to find her in the bathroom getting those pearly whites sparkling clean!!! Lilli has been just as devoted to her pearly whites; however, she did not fair so well with her dental rating. Unfortunately, the dentist believes that Lilli was put to sleep each night with either a honey soaked pacifier or sugary drink of some sort... she has severe decay in her mouth. 9 cavities to be exact ~ 2 that are quite large. We will see a pediatric dental surgeon in a few weeks. The dentist feels that it will be best for Lilli to be sedated and have all work done at once so she will not experience "dental trauma". The great thing is ... the pediatric dental surgeon speaks Mandarin!!! I will update when I know more.

As the girls were so well behaved at the dental office, I decided they needed a special treat! We headed off to one of the local "clubs" for kids' morning and had their faces painted! I have 2 beautiful butterflies ~ 1 blue and 1 green!!! We had yummy fish for lunch and then departed for the matinee showing of Horton Hears a Who! It was a cute movie and both girls enjoyed it very much... I think one enjoyed the popcorn more than the movie!

Now they are both sprawled out in the living room watching Nick Jr... 2 butterflies too tired to move!!! I doubt they will make it to bedtime... I see an early night ahead of us!


Ellie said...

Sounds like you are having a lot of fun. Enjoy that massage - sounds awesome :)

Mike said...

You do a nice job on the site. it's good to keep up with what yall are up too. Are you US bound anytime soon? Where might the desto be?

GGAdventures said...

I'm loving following the blog! The girls seem to be doing amazingly well together. We are having good days and bad days, but I hear them in their room now just having the best time - WAY past bedtime. LOL! Now go enjoy that massage!