Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Catch Up

Busy is not descriptive enough to describe my current life! I have a new found respect for single parents.... If I did not know this was a temporary situation ... I think I would need counseling and a lot more caffeine!

That said... we hit the road for Thanksgiving ~ our car pointed south for New Orleans. My dad had his knee replaced the week before and was released from the hospital on Wednesday - a few hours before our arrival. It was a low key holiday because of this... but joyous just the same.

My brother and sister-in-law and their I-chiwawa (little Ava) joined the celebration - driving in from North Carolina. ... and driving the "littles" crazy because that cute little dog would have nothing to do with them!!! Drove me crazy too... because I was in need of some puppy lovin'... NOT going to happen... she thought we were all reasons to run and hide in her crate!!!

We enjoyed all the "fixins" - fried turkey, pork roast, rice and gravy, dressing etc etc. My mom and Aunt Carolyn sure can cook GREAT food! My jeans were more than a little tight when the kids and I departed for home on Sunday morning.

Since our return to Alabama, the kids are back to their schoolwork. Their school is on a 4 period block system, so next week will mark the end of the classes they are currently taking. The teachers are cramming all the leftover bits and pieces of information in the last few days of school. Holly and Joey are pretty excited as the High School has a policy that students with an "A" average and only minimal absences are exempt from the final exams. That means - no exams for the both of them... and no school for the last 2 days which are only for exams. How cool is that! Wish my school would have had this policy... would have been great incentive!

Daniel's school does not "offer" the same policy. He is not too happy about that because he is doing so well in school and would be exempt from most of his exams also. Oh Well... a little more studying never hurt anyone! He will survive!

Joe joins us for the holidays in 2 weeks... his plane lands on Christmas Eve at 9pm. The entire Judge clan will be sitting in the teeny tiny local airport to greet him! We can't wait!

All Christmas shopping is done. I simply need to wrap everything! I am hoping to do that next week so Christmas Eve will be easy. Stay tuned for our Christmas morning presents as Joey is going to be really SHOCKED by his present! Something that kids dream of... and something that will help me out tremendously! hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I will leave you all guessing!

I will post some pics soon... as I have tons of the kids basketball games which are in full swing! 3 last night! The kids are all doing great... Holly scored 20 points in her opening game... leading her team to a 32 to 18 victory. Daniel and Joey have also had great games... I am a proud mom! But... after Joey's broken leg on the basketball court... I am ALWAYS SO NERVOUS!!!
I have no finger nails left...

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season... We are so enjoying the lights and Christmas Cheer! It is SO GREAT to be back in AMERICA!!!

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