Thursday, December 25, 2008

Joy FULL Morning!


I love Abby's face in the pic below... remember when you felt that way.... sheer EXCITEMENT!!!

Can you believe it was REALLY a SURPRISE!!!!

Our Family Room will never be the same....
Notice my Ballerina and my Batman....
My FAVORITE thing this Christmas....
Holly's goodies:

She was so thrilled about this "old" typewriter... she has been asking for a typewriter for as long as I can recall... thanks to eb*y... she is ready to type!!!


Lilli said it best this morning when she said, "I am loving this!".
The late night at the airport allowed us to sleep a little late as the littles did not hit the ground running until 7:17am this morning! It took only minutes for the house to go from neat yet festive to total chaos... with Christmas wrap and empty boxes everywhere!

Joe is now cooking bacon - real bacon- something we still treasure after living overseas for so long (Indonesia is Muslim... NO bacon... Australia had "bacon rashers" which was ham or Canadian bacon... not the good stuff like home!)
Joey and Daniel are loading games on Daniel's new laptop. No more fighting over the computers for - HOMEWORK (if you believe that I have some nice land in the Pacific to sell you!!!). Holly is back to bed as she is soooooooooooo sick... poor baby has picked up a stomach virus somewhere and barely made it to unwrap presents this morning.
As for Joey... I think he is still in shock! Can you believe I pulled off the HUGE surprise!!! Huge as in CAR in our garage for over 2 weeks and he never ever had a clue! This was a bit of a "selfish" present on my part... because I need and WANT help getting everyone where they need to go! YEAH!!! I will have help soon!!!! : )
Merry Christmas! I need to go eat some bacon!

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Mike said...

that's exciting! looking forward to hopefully seeing yall sat!